Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sukkot Dinner w the Aplebaums

Last night we had our annual Sukkot Dinner with the Aplebaums.  As usual, it was a grand time.  Food, laughter, forced picture taking, and lots of playing.  The rope swing was in full use, mancala was played, and lots of Lego construction occurred.  We love the Aplebaums.

Next the Lewis family will arrive, and our two kiddos cannot wait for some time at home with Sabba and Savta.  With weather in the 80's, it's been a lovely Sukkot thus far.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Early Fall Hike

Yesterday we ventured to Lake Needwood for an early Fall hike.  Everyone enjoyed the breeze, the rocks, the picnic.  AlteLu found lots of rocks that were her "caterpillars."  Hersh told me that he wished he had wings so that he could fly to Little Rock and have a sleep over with Sabba and Savta, and then to Lewes' house.  AlteLu has told us that she wants to be a nurse who lives in California.  AlteLu is also in her "I need it NOW" phase.  We're hoping it ends soon.
Sukkot is now upon us. and we are preparing for lots of guests.  The weather is beautiful and we are grateful for these days.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shana Tovah 5777

Rosh HaShannah has come and gone, and we are fortunate to have started a very sweet new year.  We went to shul, enjoyed a walk in the woods with our new walkie-talkies, and celebrated with friends and family.  We are working with AlteLu on having a calmer reaction when something upsets her, and to ask for things in a friendlier way.  We are working with Hersh on listening and making good choices.  We've also started talking with him about what he enjoys and how he likes to spend his time.
AlteLu has adopted some of Hersh's hand me down overalls--so cute, and this morning Hersh spent an entire half hour telling me all the details of a dream he remembered.  What a wild ride life truly is.  So many people, choices, emotions, and joys.  Can't wait to see what this year has in store for the Lewis Family:)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Apple Picking with Aplebaums

This weekend we ventured to Rock Hill Farm for apple picking, calf petting, and ice cream.  We went with our favorite apple picking crew--the Aplebaums! The kids all had a great time, as did the grownups.  There were lots of apples and lots of sunshine.
Hersh has been busy getting used to homework, and AlteLu is busy building farms with magnatiles.  The Fall seems to be here and we look forward to embracing it in all its colorful glory!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting it done!

Last week Jacob was away, so it was an Ima-Hershel-AlteLu week.  We missed our Abba a lot, but had a great time, just the three of us.  Then, the boys went camping, and we had a girls weekend.  AlteLu needs her own twitter account, saying things like, "Ima, you know what I don't care about?  I don't care about my pants."  Or, while eating a delicious plum, she told me, "I'm so impressed!"  It also seems that she has transitioned to school and will hopefully (fingers crossed!)  have happy drop-offs.  Hersh rocked camping--completing a 3 mile hike with elevation gain.  Today he has school photos, featuring his first lost tooth! We also attended JPDS btsn and AlteLu is now a soccer player. Oh, and Jacob and I have officially been an item for 17 years--true love!!!