Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Heading south

We are getting ready to head south--LR>HSJ>Destin.  Great adventures await us all, with some desperately needed time with the entire Lewis Family.  Life works in mysterious ways, and we are doing all we can to hold on tight and remain in the light.
HBB and AlteLu each had a very fun and successful cousin sleepover, and today we will enjoy a $1 movie.  Nectarines are in abundance, as are daily (sometimes twice) trips to the pool.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend with my BFFs

This past weekend my two lovers, Kate and Meghan, descended upon our home and family for a weekend of love, laughter, comfort, reassurance, togetherness, and euphoria.  With Kate and Meghan joining our family for the weekend, I felt so happy. It was amazing to have them spend time with Hersh and AlteLu (who both loved having Katie B. and Meg around), and of course to have them reunited with their longtime friend, Jacob.  We went to the weird psychic reader, had Asian foot massages, went to Flag Pond, listened over and over again to Lampshade On, ate Indian Food, and made a trip to the Outlet Mall.  My car was filled with the people I love most, who know me the best.  I feel love and gratitude and cannot wait for when we are back together.

In other news, Hersh won 1st place in the kickboard race at him swim meet, and placed in his other events.  AlteLu's reading and writing is coming along.  Miriam up and moved to Chicago with no notice.  Just another day in paradise:)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Art Camp & Camping!

This past week (while Jacob was in Princeton--we missed you Abba!), Hersh attended a very sweet Art Camp each morning.  On Friday we attended the Art Show and enjoyed seeing what he had been working on all week.  The instructor, Adrienne, shared with me that Hersh is the first boy she has had attend in a long time attend the camp.  She shared how much she enjoyed having him, remarking on his assuredness, strength in ideas and knowledge, and general disposition.  Hersh enjoyed the experience as well.  Then my very best friend, Katie B, came to visit (next weekend she will return with Meghan!).
Last night we headed to Greenbrier State Park with our dearest friends, the Siegelbaums.  It is a lovely park with a lake, bluegrass music, and hiking trails.  We ate, laughed, sang, and had a wonderful time all around.  AlteLu was down right giddy, and seemed to think that we had moved to the tent--telling us that they would miss her in her ballet class this week (because we would still be camping:) Hersh had a great time with his bestie, Frida, and AlteLu went back and forth between playing with Reuben who is also 3, and Lucy (who is 10), who she idolizes.  Jacob and I had a great time with Sara and Jonas, and we can't wait to do it again next summer!  Such gratitude for having such wonderful friends:)