Monday, May 22, 2017

Beach Weekend

In the midst of a very busy May, we had the opportunity to head to Rehoboth Beach and enjoy a weekend with some of our very favorite friends from college--the Gratz and Ambalu families--all together there were 13 of us!  We ate our favorite Rehoboth foods--Nicolo's, Kohr Bros., Thrashers, Bonkey's, and the Cultured Pearl.  We braved a fun but windy beach day, in which Hersh both swam in the ocean and then told me he wished he was Muslim so he could be fully wrapped and protected from the sand storm.  AlteLu spent most of her beach time either making sand angels, or on my lap covered by a towel:)  Saturday evening we headed to Funland, everyone's favorite!  Hersh continued to explore his adventurous side, going on rides that make the adrenaline pump.  And AlteLu, who last year wouldn't even step foot in Funland, loved it this year!  She kept telling me how much fun she was having and how much she loves Funland.  Our kids enjoyed being with all of the other kids, and I think Hersh and Julia have a special connection. Bike riding, beading, and fort building also added to the enjoyment.  To say this girl has a generaly sunny disposition would be an understatement.  Upon returning home both kids passed out.  Hersh then had his final Stroke and Turn of the year, AlteLu and I walked back and forth from the grocery, we had a healthy dinner, and then everyone (including Abba!) had an early bedtime.  Weekends like this are a reminder of the immense privilege and gratitude that guides our life.


Last Friday, we attended Hersh's Hagigat HaSiddur.  It was a beautiful morning, in which we watched our son and his classmates sing the morning t'fillot, and share with us original Hebrew stories they had written.  My heart was bursting with love and joy for my amazing little mensch.  He is so brave, confident, articulate, sweet, and funny.
A friend relayed the following story to me about AlteLu:  After school AlteLu was "reading" to 5 other kids on the rocks.  A little boy walked up to AlteLu and said, "You can't read, you're not really reading."  AlteLu looked this boy (who was older) squarely in the face and said, "Go away, we're nice people here."  The little boy seemed shocked by her response, and promptly walked away.  What a strong, confident, kid spirit she has, believing in herself and the kindness of her friends.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


After an insanely busy April we are enjoying May.  Still lots of busyness preparing for Aunt Mimi and Dan Dan's wedding, and wrapping up the school year.  At the same time, we've had time for beading, piano playing, and sleeping in on occasion.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Party time!

This weekend we had Hersh's birthday party, complete with an Abba created puzzle scavenger hunt, clay volcanoes, lava lamps. and a dance party.  The cake was also a volcanoe, and I'm pretty sure all of Hersh's birthday wishes were met.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Yesterday, our sweetest boy turned 7.  He had a great day--AlteLu and I brought popsicles to his class, where AlteLu proudly helped give them out.  AlteLu and I also took a trip to Costco (which is attached to the mall).  Both kids needed new underoos, and let me tell you, AlteLu loved shopping at the mall! Then we had a mellow afternoon, where AlteLu and I baked the cakes that will become Hersh's volcano cake for his party this weekend.  Hersh alternated between reading Calvin and Hobbes, practicing piano, and taking birthday calls from his adoring fans.  The kids also got into some beading, which is always a good time.  AlteLu made a necklace for Hersh, then made wrapping paper, and wrapped the gift. We had Hersh's favorite dinner--tortellini, broc, garlic bread, veggie meatballs, and tutim.  The evening was finished up with some homemade ice cream cake, cards, and presents.  Hersh was gracious and truly enjoyed every moment.  He let his sister unwrap the gifts for him, and she was the most gracious birthday sister one could hope for.  It was a wonderful day with our boy.  He is a true mensch, who we love more and more each day.  Here's to what being 7 brings!

During his call with Aunt Mimi, she asked him what his 7 wishes are for the coming year:):
1. That my molars will grow 
2. To go to the Amazon rainforest 
3. That I get to "The Prisoner of Azkaban" [the last Harry Potter book].
4. That I get to read "The Boy Who Crashed to Earth"
5. I hope I get my orange belt. (Also: hersh takes karate??)
6. I want to learn more about this desert where it's really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. How long can a person stand outside in the winter there?
7. I hope to go on a camping trip! With the people I usually go camping with plus AlteLu.