Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May Flowers

Winter has ended and we are officially enjoying spring.  The sun is shining, flipflops are being worn, and the windows are open.  Our sweet AlteLu is finishing preschool--how can this be!  She is kind, smart, playful, and has a very elaborate imagination.  She loves her baby brother, alternating between calling him Clover and saying,"Hey, Bud!"  She loves to help to cook, and if not hangry, is agreeable.  She know kindergarten looms in the future, but has her on the prize--her birthday (which is still months away)!  Hersh is deeply entrenched in a study of DC, loves drawing comics, and attended his first campout.  He also competed in a karate tournament and takes great pride in himself overall.  He is a mentsch and we are proud of him everyday!  And then of course, there is Mr. Sender.  He has started to nap in his crib, and the smiles are coming!  He is sweet and observant, and pretty easygoing so far, which makes him a perfect 3rd child:)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Birthday hike & 1 month!

It's amazing how much can happen all at once, when really all you are doing is sitting around nursing a baby.  This past weekend, Jacob took 10 kids (plus some support) on a 2 mile hike at Patapsco State Park in honor of Hersh's birthday.  Sender and I met them at the end of the hike for a donut celebration. This was exactly what Hersh had requested, a hike and donuts, as his birthday party, and it was perfect. Great weather, great bunch of kids, a happy birthday boy, and a little sister who rocked the big kid hike!  Now this week we will celebrate our sweetest first babe turning 8!

And then yesterday, Sender Matson, turned 1 month old!  He is waking more each day (and night--but let's not discuss that).  Likes to eat every 2 hours, and is so engaged when his big sibs get home from school.  He's a real sweetie.

AlteLu is still our sunniest lover, who is also working herself out.  If nap gets skipped, she can be a bit bristly, so we are focusing on love, support, firmness, and honoring her.  I am grateful to have her as my daughter:)

We also enjoyed our last OKECC Truck Day, where AlteLu was happy to have Clover and I along for the ride. Then we attended Hersh's birthday lunch--a special milestone each year!