Saturday, November 18, 2017

Annual Visit

Last weekend we enjoyed our annual visit with Zeyde--complete with all of the Zeyde weekend traditions--shopping, legos, Shabbat, and home improvement.  We have lots of leaves to rake in the yard (as usual), and are awaiting a new washer and dryer.  We were the Shabbat guest in AlteLu's class, and had both kids parent/teacher conferences.  We are grateful to know that both kids are in classes where they are loved, respected, and known.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sweet days:)

We've been adjusting to daylight savings time, and enjoying sweet moments here and there with our two sweet peas. Last weekend we went to the National Gallery of Art for a special play called, "Color's Garden," which is about Henri Matisse's cut-outs.  The kids loved the play, and it was one of those moments where you think to yourself, "it's ridiculous that I live in D.C." 
AlteLu started her ballet class, which she loves, and Hersh lost a front top tooth (finally!).  They are busy, kind, and just lovely.  I felt like mother of the year, when on the first cold days I had appropriately sized jackets, gloves, and shoes for both kiddos.  We've also been enjoying participating in Hersh's spelling homework, where he use "But Lite" as a rhyme.  AlteLu has come up with some good rhymes as well.  Hersh and I have been talking with AlteLu about how to deal with kids at school who aren't always very nice, with his advice being, "don't worry about them, it's their issue!"

Monday, October 30, 2017

Getting spooky!

With the end of October upon us, it's time to get  spooky!  This past weekend we carved our pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, and got all decked out in our family costume---Spider Family!  There are finally some leaves falling, and the air is a little bit chilly.  The kids are busy, happy, and figuring out life.  Hersh and his buddies got the singing part in the Veteran's Day performance they want, and AlteLu is ready to start ballet!  Hersh told AlteLu when kids yell at her at school, dont worry about it--that's their issue--not hers! They are truly special:)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Pumpkin Picking

This weekend was a good one.  Jacob took the kids swimming, we had lunch with the Aplebaum cousins.  Then the kids and I worked on our Halloween costumes, and Jacob and I had date night.  Yesterday morning we loaded up and headed to our favorite pumpkin patch--Sharp's at Waterford, where we met the Siegelbaums and hopped on the tractor.  Everyone was so happy to explore the patch and find their perfect pumpkin. Hersh was very dedicated to carrying his, and AlteLu found a very cute baby gourd, which she stashed in her overall pocket.   After the animals and corn maze, we came home, I did some cooking and the kids painted their baby pumpkins.  A trip to swim team and the playground capped off the weekend. 
We hope AlteLu never disengages in her imaginative play--she is so nurturing and loving.   And Hersh---his confidence, humor, and commitment (when he chooses) will take him far!

Sunday, October 8, 2017


We've just returned from a brief but wonderful trip to NY.  First, we headed to Brooklyn (with lunch along the way at a diner in NJ, of course).  We drove by Mama Jeanne's house on Ft Hamilton Pkwy, and 97 Marlborough Rd, where Rich grew up.  The kids counted 10 different languages on signs as we drove through Bklyn, and spotted many Sukkot.  Then we landed at our destination--Aunt Sandy's house:) Many of my cousins were there, and it was such a treat to be all together. We watched Aunt Sandy's wedding video, the kids told lots of jokes, and we enjoyed a moment of togetherness with my family who loves to hug!
The next day we loaded up and headed into Manhattan. The kids love all of the different bridges and tunnels, and truly take it all in.  We parked on the UWS, and took the M4 to the Met.  We walked through The Temple of Dendor, The Armory, Impressionist paintings, and ended our visit by seeing the Pollacks, Picassos, Calders, and Rothkos.   AlteLu was observant and interested, and Hersh sketched everywhere we went.  He was enthralled, and we can't wait until our next visit. 
Then we took the M86 across town, and walked all the way up the UWS (eating at a beer garden along the way), and ending the day with a street fair and a jaunt through Columbia's campus. 
It was a perfect city day, with the kids enjoying every moment of the adventure, and not being phased by the 3 miles we walked.  See you soon NYC!