Monday, January 8, 2018


These past week was incredibly frigid.  So cold that I havent even been walking in the mornings:(  So cold that Jacob has been warming the pipes, and the kids and I have been wearing socks!  We even had a DC snow day (one inch of snow). We've had a lot of almond milk hot cocoa, and enjoyed time in our cozy, cozy house as AlteLu likes to call it. Yesterday Hersh and AlteLu baked cookies mostly unassisted.  The only coaching they really needed was the occasional reminder to not shout at the person you are working with--a work in progress.  It should warm a but this week--sunshine is definitely on the horizon!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Road Trip & 2018!

We've just returned from our first official road trip, driving from home to Little Rock, and back through Atlanta.  We slept in Knoxville, lunched in Nashville, familied in Little Rock (enjoying all of our favorites--the zoo, the Children's Library, US Pizza, and plenty of time with Sabba and Savta). Most of our days were 8 hour drives broken up by music/read to your self, lunch, books on tape, nap, and then a movie.  The kids were champions, and truly seemed to enjoy the experience.  We stayed in hotels, ate delicious vegetarian food, traveled through 9 states, and spent Jacob's bday in Atlanta with our good friend Craig and his family.  A little bit of Phish, and a whole lot of Mogul the Dog made the experience complete.  After a night in Roanoke with the Siegelbaums, we arrived back home to freezing cold temperatures, but our house is nice and cozy:) Now to settle into 2018, and see what awaits.  Hopefully, joy, adventure, health, and family togetherness.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hanukah 2017

We've been very busy celebrating Hanukah with friends, family, and lots of latkes.   Each night has been a joyful celebration of its own, and the kids are truly excited.  We were fortunate to have Sabba and Savta with us for a few days, celebrated with the Aplebaums, and had Shabbanukah with the Siegelbaums. Hersh did a great job at his piano recital (regardless of the piano being out of tune), and now we are making it through the last few days until winter break.  AlteLu is sunny as always, saying things like, "Thank you so much, this is just delightful."  And for Hoppy's 3rd birthday she told Jacob, "Tomorrow is Hoppy's 3rd birthday, but it's just her family celebration.  I'm not sure if there will be a cake because my husband is the cakebaker, I just answer the phone."  And then she gives you this very matter of fact head nod.  She is truly one of a kind.