Friday, March 23, 2018

Snow Day

In a little while, I'll go have the baby.  Aunt Mimi arrived and I got teary sending my little lovers off to school.

Here are some pictures from our March snow day earlier this week--highlight was definitely sledding and making matzah roca for Pesach!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Home Stretch

Believe it or not we've arrived in the final countdown to baby--here's looking toward Friday, March 23rd!   It's surreal that come next Shabbat we will be a family of 5.  Everyone seems ready (more or less), and I've taken to telling Hersh about all of the medical details of having and recovering from a c-section. He is quite interested, and it grosses Jacob out (which is kind of funny:)  I also must take a moment to express gratitude to my body that has been so good to me, and so good to our babies--3 times now!  Sure I've experienced nausea, GD, and pelvic pain, but overall I am grateful to my body for being a strong, healthy, competent vessel, that quite easily and miraculously has given us the gift of a child each time we have wanted one.  Many women and families have a tougher road, and I am fully aware how easy it how been for us.  As this will likely be the last time I experience pregnancy and childbirth (I'm almost 38), I wish I could make a physical memory, allowing myself to always feel the baby moving, or what it's like to have a giant belly. I am painfully aware these sensations will leave me with time, and pregnancy will be a thing of the past.  For now, a focus on family, preparation, and gratitude are what carry me.  Each day I am surrounded by the three people I love most, and G-d willing, come Friday, one more little smooshy lover will join us.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Purim Time!

As our feet are now firmly planted in the month of March, we prepare for the birth of our babe.With the end of February brought Purim, and the flu.  Purim (with a mermaid and Harry Potter) was much more fun than the flu, although this period of time has lead to lots of home time together:)  The clock is now ticking and in 2 weeks we will have the babe.  Everyone is getting excited for my "blobby belly" to go away and for my lap to be more available.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Let's stay home

And now we have arrived at the time where just staying home is what we all need.  After a period of such intensity--both from a travelling and an emotional perspective, what we all need is to be home.  No long car rides, a focus on fewer places we have to be, and preparing our house and our family for the baby that is to come.  We moved Hersh into his new room, and have now made "the baby's room," and all is well.  Hersh continues to thrive at school, sharing with us his probe from STEM night, reading like an animal, reluctantly practicing piano, and being as insightful and loving as ever.  He and Jacob started work on the Pinewood Derby Car, and Hersh has enjoyed watching the Olympics.  He does not like that a girl at school has a crush on him, and continues to take his time on the playground and his time in swim team practice seriously. As long as we keep him well fed, well exercised, and not too tired, he is a gem.  When talking about baby names, he gave a very sensible answer--Tal/Talya--one name use it either way:)  And AlteLu (or Clover as she prefers to be called when pretending to be a cat or a dog, which is quite often these days), is a giggly delight, with a little bit of I dont want to thrown it.  She loves ballet class, cooking with me, and helping Jacob with the dishes.  She often kisses the baby or will rub lotion on my belly.  And although she is just 4.5 today(!), she is beginning to read/decode--completely on her terms of course.  AlteLu is funny and sweet, and only gets mad if you expect her to wear jeans, or if I am not the one to tuck her into bed.   She danced her pants off to the Violent Femmes (while Hersh just shook his head "no.")  And the two of them are thick as thieves.  A snowball fight was enjoyed by all, while at the playground Hersh likes to play basketball, and AlteLu is working on perfecting her swinging.

As I truly am in the final haul of what is likely to be my final pregnancy, I must take time to reflect. Although I've had GD 2 out of 3 times, and am sick many mornings, my pregnancies have all been positive experiences.  We have been fortunate to get pregnant with ease each time, and other then GD and a bit more tiredness each time (I am 37 this go verses 29 when I was pregnant with Hersh), it's been a great ride.  My body works so well, with the only negative being left a bit flabbier than I started.  To grow, nourish, and protect the fetus, and then have in front of me 2 examples of what is to come only amplifies the gratitude for my body during this process. Where so many women struggle, I have been able to thrive, and I dont take this lightly.  I am also appreciative to Jacob for all of the 6am "snacks."  Together, we are building our beautiful little family, which is a true result of labor, love, and partnership.  I only hope when I look back at all of this in 10, 20, 30 years, that I can remember.