Saturday, June 17, 2017

1st grade complete!

Yesterday our HBB completed 1st grade.  He had a wonderful year full of learning, exploring, creating, and accomplishing.  He is now an orange belt in karate, and today he has his piano recital (piece chosen: Mr. Brahm's Lullaby).  Hersh truly thrived and school this year.  He is smart, creative, kind, and witty.  Children and adults alike enjoy having Hersh around, as do we.   Hersh can be slow (like an eastern box turtle) at times, so we are working to encourage him along and keep things moving, while honoring who he is--summer will be good for all of us!

We also attended Hersh's Bayit Patuach, where he built "Jeepower"for the Tropical Climate, and he wrote a poem in which he made a list for what he needed to survive in a Tropical Rain forest (Whale of a Tale Rain forest):
1-Walkie Talkie
3-Chopped Wood/Doghouse
5-Sleeping Bag
8/9-Backpack and Dog Backpack
Why? Because of shelter and luxury.

AlteLu and I are loving each summer day together. She had her first ballet class this week, and relished in each aspect--the uniform, shoes, dance studio.  AlteLu has also been taking swim lessons and has been beading up a storm!  This week she also asked to get her ears pierced.  I told her when she can swim on her own AND ride a two-wheel bike (with no training wheels)-- I think I bought us a few years!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer slowly begins...

AlteLu has officially finished the 3 year old class at OK.  It was a good year for our girl--she gained confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of being a part of a community.   Hersh has begun swim team, and we are all slowly easing into summertime mode.  Lots of fun coupled with lots of exhaustion.  Lots of wet towels, and many picnics ahead.  Here's to summer!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Little Rock wedding

Last weekend we voyaged to Little Rock to celebrate the nuptials of our beloved Aunt Mimi and Uncle DanDan. Our journey began with a 3 hour wait on the plane at BWI.  We then drove from 11pm-4:30am from St. Louis to Little Rock.  After a bit of sleep the festivities began--a trip to the library, lunch at Whole Foods, pedicures, Shabbat dinner, sprayground,  Blue Canoe brewery with the cousins, and a grown-ups only rehearsal dinner.  The day of the wedding brought hairdo's, flowers, getting dressed up, lots of pictures, a beautiful ceremony (in which Hersh and AlteLu rocked their roles as flower girl and ring bear).  We partied all the way until then end, even though the kids were ready to go.  Hersh drank plenty of "cocktails," and shmoozed all around the reception.  AlteLu danced and made some new friends.  A good time was had by all, and Mimi and Daniel were so happy!  The next day we enjoyed a beautiful brunch pool party at MarthaLou's house, and then on our final day (mine and Jacob's 13 year wedding anniversary!!!) we went for one more swim.  The plane ride home was smooth, and the past few days have been spent recovering from all of the parties.  We are truly blessed with an amazing family, and joy all around.  Also, at one point Hersh told me, "you live and learn, Ima."