Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Cold, dark days

Right now we are in the cold, dark days of winter.  Although Hersh and AlteLu are our warm lights, we are feeling some stress and sadness.  Job stress, worry about loved ones stress, questions about the future stress.  Yet, we have these two wonderful children, great friends and family, and a good life.
We must focus in on the good, and keep out negativity and worry.
AlteLu takes her baby care very seriously--Fiona, Laila, and Sonia are all well cared for.  She has also taken to drawing jellyfish and saying things like,"oh, sweetie, it's ok."  Hersh is in the thick of 1st grade, and really doing a great job.  He is learning the value of hard work and focus (even when he doesnt like it).
Change lurks ahead.  Let's hold on tight and radiate with love.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

What an amazing Winter Break--Hanukah, Jacob's birthday, lazy days at home, a trip to NY, Phish, friends, family, trampoline park,  the Metropolitan Opera, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, and so much more!
After a fun morning at the Trampoline Park and a different Hanukah party every night, we hopped in the car on Jacob's birthday and drove to NY.  We settled in with our wonderful cousins (our kids shared a bed for the first time)--The Farnsworth Family, and kids and adults alike were happy to be together!  Jacob and I had the good fortune of going into the greatest city on earth--NYC--and seeing the greatest band on earth--Phish--for two nights!  We also took the kids to see,"The Magic Flute," at the Metropolitan Opera--it was amazing.  The next day we headed into Brooklyn for lunch with the Aplebaum/Sharrin Family, then it was off to LI for NYE with our good friends, the Ambalus.
An impromptu stop through the city on the way home took us over the Brooklyn Bridge, on the subway, and hugs from Aliza and Ton Ton, before our drive home.
We are now back in our cozy house, enjoying the comfort of home.  We have lots to be grateful for, and lots to look forward to.  We are grateful for friends, family, health, home, love, and adventure.  I am grateful for my husband and best friend, and for my two treasure--AlteLu and HBB.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hanukah 2016!

We are in the midst of Winter Break and Hanukah, and loving every minute of it!  Our little chant, "We made it to Winter Break!" has really caught on.  Each day we've had a lazy morning, consisting of sleeping late, brunching, yoga, hiking, and a little bit of house work:)  Then, each evening we've gathered with friends and family for Hanukah celebrations.  We also enjoyed the movie, "Sing!" and Chinese food on 12/25. We are now getting ready for Jacob's 36th birthday--and a rendezvous with friends, family, and Phish.  AlteLu is loving her "chethascope", and Hersh is a certified rock tumbling expert.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Last night after dinner instead of our usual book reading on the couch (my favorite time of the day), Hersh suggested we play charades.  The game began with everyone pretending to be different animals. Jacob and Hersh both delighted with creative ideas like "Mad Scientist"or "Drawing."  I did most of mine from sitting on the couch---hibernating bear and popping bubblegum.  But the surprise champion of the game--AlteLu.  That girl brought passion, energy, and spunk to her turns.  She began each turn at the entry to the play nook.  She ran full force around the house, then would hop up and down, up and down, as the three of us guessed many different animals.  Then at some magical (unknown) moment, she would say, "Yes! I'm a kitty!", or "I'm an animal that jumps up into your arms like a dog.  I'm A DOG!!!"  Needless to say, the three of us were in stitches, and we look forward to the next round!