Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Calvert Cliffs & 3 1/2!

This past weekend we had some unseasonably warm weather and decided to take advantage of the sunshine and high temps with a hike to the beach.  AlteLu hiked the two miles in(!) and Hersh hiked the 4 miles round trip!  We are so proud of our little hikers, and are psyched that hiking is something they like to do!  This weekend AlteLu also turned 3.5!  How is this possible?!? She loves to be the boss lady, and is very into imaginative play.  She is just amazing.   She and Hersh both are great around the house helpers, and (most  of the time) they make parenting so easy and enjoyable. Hersh is gaining independence, which is both incredible to be a part of, and very difficult.  We are all working on being kind, patient, and unified.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The things they say

Earlier today I was cooking and AlteLu decided we should roast the seeds from the spaghetti squash (just like Aunt Mimi did at Halloween).  AlteLu kept calling the seeds her babies. At one point she said,"Oh, I love you my babies.  Soon, my babies, we will roast you, and eat you for dinner."  Creepy.

Upon going through Hersh's school work folder, we came across a worksheet that asked,"What can you learn from the story of the Ugly Duckling?"  Hersh's answer, "That baby swans are ugly."

Not sure where they both come up with these things, but aren't they the best?

Thursday, February 2, 2017

School Nachas

These past few weeks we've been fortunate enough to have moments with both Hersh and AlteLu where we are proud and grateful for each of their school experiences.   Last Friday we attended Hersh's Bayit Patuach, where he proudly shared with us all he had learned through research, about the Eastern Box Turtle, including his research binder. He also reported to the class about the Donkey (in Hebrew). Hersh is so happy at school and is thriving.  It is such a positive environment--we are grateful!
AlteLu is the reporter this week in her class, which means that each day she shares her thoughts with the class about what they did throughout the day. Humbly, I must say, she is killing it at this job!  Here are a few examples of her reporting:

"On the way to school, I went to the horses with my daddy.  I drew my tree and then I painted it.  We went outside and went on a walk to pick sticks and other things from trees and we are going to make a sculpture.  We had music with Ms. Ellie."

"Today I played with Asher and Gali.  We made self-portraits because it was Rosh Chodesh when we weren't here.  We went outside and it was very cold and there was a little bit of snow.  We had a surprise fire drill."

We've also been hiking, cooking, trying to squeeze in piano practice, and keep clear minds in the midst of the craziness of the world❤.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Last visits with Bamom

We've just returned from a week in Little Rock.  As always, being in Little Rock felt both like being away and being home at the same time.  We were with lots of people that we love.  There was a shower to celebrate Aunt Mimi and Dan Dan's upcoming marriage.  We went to the zoo, museums, trampoline park, over the Big Dam Bridge, and ate LOTS of ice cream (whoo pig chewy and Hog Heaven!)  The kids ate toast, scooted around on the plasma car, and watched whatever they could on the ipad.  There was an ice cream contest (mint chip winner), microwave fixing, 4 wheelin', Stone Soup Play, and lots of reading.  On the last day, as we headed to the airport, AlteLu said, totally unprompted, "Sabba, I'm going to miss you."
This trip was also a chance to have what might be our last visit with Bamombelle.  Our sweet, beloved, most favorite,Bamombelle.  She told Hersh how much she loves him and his curly hair.  She kept calling AlteLu "my little girl."  She told Jacob that he was a very good man, and she told me that it'll be my job to take care of the family once she is gone.  She told Hersh that they are best friends and that he will write a story about her one day.  Our hearts are breaking, we love her so.