Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We've returned from another amazing week in OBX.  All I can say is that each day was better than the one before it.  Bike rides, Duck Donuts, pool digging, shell finding, boogie boarding, sandbar swimming, beach lunch, and evenings filled with the beauty of the beach.  We all climbed the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, and flew kites at the Wright Brothers National Monument.  The 4 of us had a wonderful time just being the 4 of us.  We had a perfect birthday for our little lady, complete with pizza dinner on the sound during a torrential downpour.  Hersh coached AlteLu through gift and card opening, and a final visit to Super Wings was the cherry on top.
We are now home settling back in--unpacking, cleaning, organizing, and preparing.  Last night AlteLu slept in her big girl bed for the first time!  We are sad that this is our last week of summer, but are grateful for the weeks we have had together.  We will cap our summer off with a birthday party for our little lady this weekend,savoring the sweet end to our magical summer.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Almost 3

We are in OBX enjoying an amazing week at the beach, and then on Friday, our dear sweet AlteLu will turn 3.  She is such a smart, funny, strong willed, creative, imaginative little love.   She calls anything she is taking care of (including Hersh, ghost crabs, and the washer/dryer) "Little Ones, Cuties, or My Babies."  AlteLu has been thinking a lot about what different animals--including giraffes and zebras--say.  Here at the beach she is singing on the "fireplace bimah," and has been surfing on her "puppy," our boogie board.  Hersh is rocking the beach, catching waves, ghost crabbing, biking, loving life.  He reads and draws with such precision and skill.  And the two of them are best friends (mostly).